August 12, 2015

Scott on Bloomberg TV

Scott discusses the ups and downs of franchising, joint ventures and working in International business. Click to Visit Link >>

August 6, 2015

Scott on Press: Here

Who in the world would think to turn a Tom Hanks movie into a restaurant? Check out Scott talking about the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co journey and the book, Gumption. Click to Visit Link >>

July 31, 2015

Scott on Business Rockstars

Scott discusses what set Bubba Gump Shrimp Co apart from other Eatertainment brands and how it evolved into a successful restaurant concept. Runs from 10:32 - 10:42. Click to Visit Link >>

July 31, 2015

Scott on Business Rockstars

Scott briefly shares his five mandatory tips for succeeding in business. Are you thriving in your industry? Click to Visit Link >>

June 19, 2015

Scott on Miami Radio

Scott discusses the unorthodox approaches he took that led to the success of Bubba Gump, how he built a $250 million dollar company with zero budget and how working the in the restaurant industry really means working in the marketing industry Click to Visit Link >>

June 16, 2015

Scott on Internet Radio

Scott discusses how he got into the restaurant / hospitality industry, why he prefers to hire for attitude and train for technique, and why emotional souvenirs are the key to any restaurant success. Click to Visit Link >>

June 10, 2015

Good Morning Arizona interviews Scott

Scott discusses the founding of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., and his journey of opening over 40 restaurants, making $250 million a year in revenue within the grueling market of Eatertainment. Click to Visit Link >>

May 21, 2015

Article on Scott in the Del Mar Times

Scott shares his reasoning for writing Gumption and the story behind the making of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Click to Visit Link >>

May 21, 2015

Scott Appears on San Diego Living

Scott discusses how life imitates art in the entertainment industry, with the unforced translation of Bubba Gump from a movie to a restaurant. As well as the challenges of managing themed restaurants. Click to Visit Link >>

May 6, 2015

Scott in CEO World Magazine

Scott discusses his unconventional management style and how making the decision to put people on the level with profit will ultimately lead to more revenue for any business Click to Visit Link >>


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